Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fair-trade olive oil from Palestine

As I was researching the Mediterranean and Palestine, I came across this site. Zaytoun is fair-trade Palestinian olive oil. It is an attempt to help Palestinian farmers reach the marketplace and continue their cultivation of olives: "Resisting the occupation by insisting on life."

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Blogger robmas said...

Thought you would like to know we have Fair Trade Extra Virigin Olive Oil from Palestine closer to home than UK.

Please visit to learn about non-profit since Spring 2004 that has promoted Zatoun (arabic for olive) across North America. Sold through the grassroots network & via the Internet.

Proceeds support planting olive trees in Palestine (Trees for Life) and expressive art progarms for youth in Palestine.

Look forward to your visit. More?

12:05 PM  

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